Finca Las Bayas recognises the significant value of GLOBALGAP standards to fruit-growing, products, staff, customers, consumers and the community itself.
They are orientated towards a “global association for a sustainable and safe agriculture”..

Consequently, we assume the commitment to follow this standard good practices, including the optional ones, and adhere to GLOBALGAP Compliance Policy, based on 3 basic aspects:

  • Food safety provided by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

  • Environmental protection to reduce the impact on agricultural production, including adherence to regional fauna and flora preservation programs.

  • Health, safety and welfare of the farm staff and the community.

We want to be known as a farm that produces products and provides services in extreme safety conditions.

Every employee assumes his own commitment to the company, participes actively, no matter his position, and assumes the specific responsibility due to the strict compliance.