Finca Las Bayas is devoted to growing blueberries and rendering technological services to fruit-horticultural producers.
Our headquarters is located in Goldney, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We continuously work to improve our services and products by researching, training our staff, and compromising with the community and the environment.


The Phase I of the project began in early 2002. In Phase II, we expanded the blueberry production capacity. Nowadays, we grow over 35,500 plants in 10 net hectares.

The selected varieties we grow to obtain 'premium' fruit are: Star, Mysty, Reville, Bluechips and O´Neal, among other ones.
The farm has the required infrastructure and equipment to grow blueberries, and meets food quality and safety specifications issued by voluntary adherence and enforcement authorities.
We water plants by trickle irrigation, divided into 10 shifts. Irrigation is controlled by a host computer and a pH automatic correction system.
Blueberries are harvested manually by qualified staff to fully care fruit handling throughout the process. Furthermore, the farm has several quick freezing rooms to preserve and keep blueberries harmless. Consequently, the cold chain starts inmediately in optimal conditions for the fruit post-harvest life cycle.
This results in an impeccable top-quality fruit that preserves the properties and freshness from harvest to consumption.