Blueberries have an excellent taste and can be consumed fresh (no need to wash or peel it).

There is a wide variety of savory and sweet dishes that can be prepared with frozen or fresh blueberries.

Fresh fruit lasts up to 20 days in the refrigerator, so check the maturity date printed on the package when you buy it.

Fresh blueberries are easy to handle because they have no pits and do not have to be peeled.

They can be added to fruit salads to give a special gourmet touch with their particular bittersweet taste
and blue color.

Alone or combined with other berries, such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, this is an excellent mix for ice creams, cheesecakes, yoghurt, etc., either fresh or in cooked sauces.

To prepare blueberry jam, mix 800-900 grams of sugar and 1 kilo of clean fruit and cook it in an uncovered saucepan until it is ready.
You can create many other interesting combinations by adding wines, spices, etc.
You can also prepare jelly, syrup, fruit shake and compote.

This is the ideal ingredient to prepare savory sauces or chutney that can be seasoned with port wine,
vinegar, mustard, ginger, salt, pepper, etc. These sauces are the perfect match for hunting meat, such as pork, turkey and chicken.
Blueberries can be frozen in Zip-Lock bags and added to cooked preparations.